Make the Most of Your
International Experience

Your international assignment is one of life’s great adventures. You owe it to yourself to be well prepared for its challenges and opportunities.

Mercer has made a special arrangement with RW3 to bring online cultural skill-building courses to you. They will help you and your family make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Contact with any questions.

How we help you succeed in your International Assignment

For 30 years we’ve been preparing expats to maximize the unique career and personal opportunities that come with an international assignment. Of course that’s all about understanding how culture affects values, beliefs and behaviors.

We’ve blended learning technology with our knowledge and experience to bring you country-specific courses full of practical, quickly mastered information so you can hit-the-ground-running and adapt in today’s high-speed global business environment.

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In-Depth Comprehensive Country Specific Training

We believe that there are three key components of a quality cultural learning course. They are:

  • What is culture and where it comes from
  • Learning about your own cultural behavior preferences as well as those of the country you’ll be learning about
  • Learning about the specific culture of the country you’re going to be living and working in/with.

Our learning programs blend all these three components into a single engaging interactive course that leaves you feeling confident to work and interact with your new colleagues.

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Product Details

  • Build your own Cultural Profile With our brief survey you’ll be able to see how you are represented in the 8 dimensions of culture.
  • Learn About the 8 Dimensions of Culture With explanations and examples, you’ll start to see how you can avoid embarrassing and confusing situations.
  • See how your profile compares to your destination With the fundamentals under your belt, you can now get into the specifics about how this applies to your future friends and colleagues.
  • Learn the facts with our In-depth country research Find out about local customs, the role of religion, home life, gift giving greetings and much more.
  • Learn how to minimize culture shock that accompanies international assignments.
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Ensure success for you and your family
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